Environmentally Sustainable Fashion & Design

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Eco-friendly manufacturing is more than just a trend, it is a movement towards improving the way we design and produce merchandise with consideration to the environment and society as a whole. The principles of sustainable design include minimizing non-renewable energy consumption and eliminating the use of non-renewable resources while optimizing manufacturing, operational, and maintenance practices. Eco-friendly fashion is not about reviving the boho chic lifestyle, but rather a combination of modern style, fabric, and technology aimed to produce goods with little to no environmental impact. From the Green Carpet Challenge and the Green Cut to The Green Shows, high profile designers from around the world are creating affordable fashion for the average consumer out of materials like soy, cotton, bamboo, reed, lemongrass, and recycled products like plastic. It’s difficult to tell which brands are truly working towards helping the environment and those profiting from the eco-friendly bandwagon, so here’s a list of designers and labels following eco-conscious methods and saving the planet one sale at a time: Alabama Chanin, Awamaki Lab, Bourgeois Boheme, Carrie Perry, Delikate Rayne, Della, Doctor Couture, Elroy, Feral Childe, Kuyichi, Linda Loudermilk, M. Patmos, Martin + Osa, Matt & Nat, Moo Shoes, Nicora Johns, Study New York, Terra Plana, and Titania Inglis.

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Hand crafted jewelry, hats, and bags made from organic material…

Behind the scenes of the Economic Botany Dept at The Field Museum.


Urban Agriculture & Community Gardens: Growing Communities From A Single Seed

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From green roofs & walls to rooftop gardens & edible forests, urban farming is flourishing around the world. Whether you are inspired by creative design, beautifying your living space, or concerned with the environment, community gardening provides an opportunity for people to both work together and connect with nature. The Edible Treasures Garden located on the West Terrace of The Field Museum (Chicago) has done just that by demonstrating urban agriculture at one of the world’s most famous natural history museums.


20140911_120727 Designing a greener Field! Before and after images of the Edible Treasures Garden at The Field Museum (Chicago).

Volunteer at your local urban gardening projects!

Chicago –  http://www.chicagoparkdistrict.com/facilities/developing-a-new-community-garden

New York City – http://www.greenthumbnyc.org/gardensearch.html

Los Angeles – http://lagardencouncil.org

United Kingdom – https://www.farmgarden.org.uk

Canada – http://lcrc.on.ca/

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