Educating mini Bryologists

We always have a great time at Meet a Scientist every Friday at The Field Museum!

MicroPlant team members Lauren and Brendon show young Bryologists how to measure on the website and explaining how they are really contributing to science!

How do I benefit from participating?

Even through this short exercise, you have contributed to a global biodiversity research program and will have provided scientists with critically needed data to advance the identification and study of these important plants.

How does my involvement contribute to the project?

Scientist will use the data you collect to analyze, catalog and discover new species of early land plants, which are of great evolutionary and ecological significance.

What is the scientific significance of measuring a microleaf?

Just like you might be able to tell the difference between your older brother and younger sister from afar because one is taller than the other, we can distinguish between species based on particular defining characteristics. Microleaf size is just one of these characteristics.



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