Charlie and the Bryophyte Factory

We’re tumblr famous! Well sort of…

MicroPlants team member Charlie DeLavoi and our beloved Bryophytes were featured in Things on my Desk, a Field Museum dedicated blog written by Daniel Le. You can read it below, or the original here.

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Photo credit: Daniel Le

Charlie and the Bryophyte Factory

Charlie here has been working on this awesome project I totally stumbled upon while opening a lab for him recently.  He and Curator Dr. Matt Von Konrat have been working to try to bring bryophyte specimens back to life and so far it seems to be going well!

It all started when Canadian biologist Dr. Catherine La Farge published a study regarding the reviving of a 400 year old moss collected from Antarctica!
So Matt thought, why not try that with some of our specimens here!  These, however are more recently collected specimens from awesome places such as Fiji or New Caledonia, and this is meant to be a sort of test trial.  If this proves to be a productive experiment, this could potentially mean that we could bring back some of our more important specimens and study them as living organisms and not as evidence of once living things.

Right now, Charlie is watering them with glass distilled water and they are being housed in a fancy temperature and light controlled environment to see if they can’t be maintained stable.  Hopefully in a few weeks, these guys can be moved onto culture mediums to help them grow.


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